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A Holistic Approach Towards Life.

Ayurveda – The Science of Life :  Ayurveda is the ancient Indian philosophy of health and well being. It means the “art of living wisely.

In simple terms, Ayurveda is a holistic system which guides us so that we can live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. It recognizes that we are all unique and focuses on food, lifestyle, massage, yoga and herbal remedies to suit our individual make-up.

The belief of Ayurveda : AYURVEDA believes that everything in this universe is made up of five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. These five elements combine in pairs to form three dynamic forces called DOSHAS which governs our inner and outer environments known as VATA (air), PITTA (fire), KAPHA (earth).

Each of us has a unique proportion of these three forces that shapes our nature (constitution). For each dosha there is a balanced and imbalanced expression.


A non-invasive technique, it does not use any external aids or drugs.

The treatment mainly comprises of powders, tablets, decoctions, medicated oils etc. prepared from natural herbs, plants and minerals. Because the medicines are from natural sources and not synthetic, they are accepted and assimilated in the body without creating any side effects and on the other hand, there may be some side benefits.

The treatments and therapies available at this centre are:

  • Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment for chronic disease
  • Detox and Rejuvenation Program 
  • Weight loss programme
  • Wellness and lifestyle
  • Skin beauty and hair care
  • Anti stress therapy


Neither I hope to own a kingdom, nor heaven, I just wishes to take care of my patients.


Aims to teach how to maintain harmoney and balance between mind and body.


According to Ayurveda, the unique therapy of Panchakarma completely removes toxins from the body and mind.


A non-invasive technique which does not use any external aids & drugs.


Our goal is to create an inspiring space where you can learn Ayurveda and embrase holistic well-being.



Kanchan, the driving force behind the “Ayurveda Heaven” is a registered “AYURVEDA” practitioner in the UK since 2007. She is a registered member of the prestigious Ayurvedic Practitioners Association (APA) of UK and is authorized to carry out medical practice using Ayurvedic techniques.

She studied in INDIA and received her degree of a Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine(BAMS) Eventually, in order to increase her core competencies along with a wider exposure to make her understand the functioning of Ayurvedic medicines, she gained experience whilst working under various famous “AYURVEDA” practitioners across India.

Apart from her degree in Ayurvedic Medicine, she has completed her diploma in “Ayurvedic Panchakarma Therapy” which deals exclusively in the detox of the body. “Ayurvedic Panchakarma is a scientifically designed systematic Ayurvedic Deep Cleansing detox method which helps in rejuvenating the whole body systems of humans. She has also trained herself in the southern peninsular state of India, Kerala ,under the watchful eyes of Ayurvedic masters.


Initial Ayurvedic Consultation: Your initial consultation will consist of an in-depth assessment of your health, medical history, diet and lifestyle. A series of questions will be asked to you to decide your body constitution. At the end of the assessment, advice will be given as to have treatments suitable as per your body constitution. This session will help to you realize how you can reduce build up of toxins, promote calmness and boost energy.

Follow-up consultation: A follow-up session is recommended to clarify issues, monitor progress and further tailor the diet and lifestyle program. You will also be advised on further treatments and herbs to be taken according to your constitution.

Customer Feedback

See what our customers say about Ayurveda Heaven

Shruti Kotkar
Shruti Kotkar
It was nice meeting Dr Kanchan Sharma…Very informative and interactive workshop..This workshop is really a boon to upcoming practitioners internationally who are interested to practice Ayurveda in the UK as well as students of Ayurveda ..The workshop covered the important points and fact required regarding practising Ayurveda legally in the UK as well as Ayurvedic medicines availability and Resources…Felt positive and confident after meeting her..She is truly an inspiration..Thank you so much for your support and valuable advices…
Henna Idnani
Henna Idnani
I did a course with Dr Kanchan a couple of months ago. It was very well delivered and presented with an interactive cooking session and a detailed copy of the principles of Ayurvedic way of living! Dr Kanchan explained Ayurveda cooking and lifestyle is to prevent the diseases and only have the medicinal treatments if necessary☺️ I also bought Alma oil as I have dry hair texture and have been using it weekly, has surely made a difference! will definitely do further courses with Dr Kanchan and have recommended her to my friends who did do the course with me too! looking forward to the next course 🙏🏽
Harsha Bhagat
Harsha Bhagat
Dr. Kanchan is very great in understanding the symptoms. She heard me very patently about my issue and gave me medicines according to it. It worked for me and am grateful to her she cured my issues. Highly recommended. Thank you xx
Heta Patel
Heta Patel
Dr Kanchan has helped me greatly, I’ve referred her onto to close friends and family, they’ve also had the same feedback. She’s clear and concise in breaking things down and makes things adaptable for the Western lifestyle. Really recommend her!
Ved Sarswati
Ved Sarswati
It's really amazing experience with Ayurvedaheaven. I used to order many ayurvedic medicines like all Arishtam and specially 'Amla Oil' by Kanchan regularly. Very good service and with excellent packing, all products are delivered . We all are blessed to have Ayurvedic practitioner here in UK like Kanchan. She is such a committed, dedicated lady and I really can't find the words to express my little love and respect for Kanchan. I would love to share my two experiences with her. 1)She helped my Aunty in India for her knee pain through telephonic consultation on Sunday morning, even if it's her holiday. She advised my aunty to do some yoga and some message therapy. My aunty is feeling much better than before. 2) I recommended one of my friend for prolonged issue with urinary system and piles too. Her prolonged issue was at very worst condition and even she was bed ridden also for sometime. But she has recovered so well and her overall health improved a lot. Kanchan is truly like blessing for me and my friend. Thank you very much Kanchan. You are god gifted Ayurvedic practitioner. Best wishes with you always. Uttara
Rakesh Jugal
Rakesh Jugal
I highly recommend Ayurveda Heaven. Kanchanben has given me good advice and direction regarding a healthy lifestyle without all the tough dieting which can interfere with family cooking and routine. Also the herbs and Nasya oil which I bought has been very beneficial. Small changes in diet and lifestyle is the way to go and Ayurveda Heaven has helped me find a good balance by helping me introduce a healthy lifestyle around a busy work and family schedule.